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Don’t just take a Break…. Have a Real Adventure!!

There are many people who call their vacations ‘adventures’ and then there are those who actually look to have a real outdoor adventure and look for adventure travel companies that offer adventure treks or adventure tours. However most adventure tour companies only offer you the opportunity to go hiking or trekking in areas where millions of people have been before.

To have real outdoor travel adventures you need to look at an adventure travel company which offers adventure travel packages to remote, rarely visited destinations for a true outdoor adventure, one that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life.   Fortunately Greg Grainger Adventure Tours, in partnership with Adventure Associates, can offer you just that.

Greg Grainger
Adventure Tours

Outdoor Adventure ToursGreg Grainger has spent many years travelling the world, making over 300 TV outdoor adventure documentaries about adventure treks or adventure tours to remote and desolate places that can offer those who are adventurous enough, a unique and memorable experience.

Today, with some of his well-known associates, Greg has created adventure travel tours to some of the most amazing and adventurous destinations he has visited.

For those who want a peak adventure travel destination, including the Himalayas with outdoor adventure consisting of adventure treks or adventure tours nestled among the tallest mountains on the planet, whilst for those who prefer staying at sea level, there is an outdoor adventure with adventure tours to the Weddell Sea in Antarctica, to see the Emperor penguins in their natural habitat.

Although these travel tours include adventure tours and adventure treks, unlike other adventure travel companies, Greg offers you the opportunity to combine these unique experiences with luxury to provide the ultimate, unique and exciting, yet comfortable vacation that will live in your memory forever.arctic wildlife package tours


Among the peak adventure travel destinations and experiences offered, is an outdoor adventure to the Khumbu region in Nepal, home to the mighty Himalaya Mountains and also the famous Sherpa people, and continuing with adventure treks through the mountains.

These 12 day adventure treks are led by Tashi Tenzing, a grandson of Tenzing Norgay who famously became the first person, along with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953, to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

Madagascar Adventure ToursAlthough the entire peak adventure travel is through some unbelievably beautiful scenery, perhaps the highlight is on the 8th day when you spend it at the Yeti Mountain Home on the Kongde Glacier which has magnificent views of Mount Everest.

wildlife adventure treks travelAnother adventure tours destination is to the fourth largest island on the planet, Madagascar. This island has been abandoned by the major continents for thousands of years and so presents its own diversity of landscapes, plants and wildlife which most adventure travel companies have so far ignored.

During one of these 3 week adventure tours, you will travel by canoe, 4WD vehicle, plane, boat and even on foot or rickshaw in order to experience the diversity that this island has to offer.
You will be able to witness first-hand the awesome red sandstone canyons and the limestone pinnacles that stand like forests 300m high, as well as the lowland mangroves and tropical islands. Whilst looking out for strange looking birds, mammals and reptiles, you may be lucky enough to spot the world’s rarest orchid, the Darwin Orchid.

For a colder yet no less remarkable outdoor adventure experience, you may prefer to board the MV Ortelius in the most southerly city in the world, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

emperor penguin wildlife adventure travel packagesOrtellius was built in 1984 with a special strengthened hull for travelling through ice. For these remarkable adventure tours you will spend 10 days in the hotel standard luxury afforded by this vessel whilst then venturing into the Antarctica for an outdoor adventure to see wildlife rarely seen in their natural habitat.

Then spend 2 days crossing the Drake Passage and the Antarctic Convergence during which time our outdoor adventure may allow us to witness some of nature’s most remarkable birds such as several species of Albatross and Petrels as well as Southern Fulmars and Cape Pigeons.

Having reached the Weddell Sea there will be 3 full days to make adventure tours by helicopter trips to witness the huge colonies of Emperor Penguins on Snow Hill Island before visiting several other islands like Devil Island and Vega island.

If the conditions permit, our adventure tours may even have an additional outdoor adventure into the Antarctic Sound where it may be possible to witness the huge icebergs breaking away from the Antarctica peninsula.

outdoor adventure travel agency worldThese are just a sample of what real adventure tours should be like, not the ‘bring your own tent’ tours that other, less experienced adventure travel companies offer. With Greg Grainger and his travel associates in adventure tours you can be assured that whether it is a peak adventure travel destination with adventure treks or a more down to earth outdoor adventure with adventure tours, you will always be one of a select few to enjoy the unique experiences as most people opt for the mass tourism offered by the other adventure travel companies.