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6 Travel Apps To Ensure Worry-Free Travelling

Posted May 29, 2015 by in Greg Grainger Adventures

Travelling for work or for fun can have its own dilemma, the thing about it is we are far from the things we know and familiar to us. Here are some apps that can help alleviate common travel problems to help you enjoy your adventure tour more and be more productive. 

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1. Airport Security – Airport security though required and for the most of it for the better can sometime be cumbersome to go through. The constant changes in protocol and standards causes delays and frankly tiresome for the frequent traveller. Airport security is identified one of the top problems a traveller can encounter. Fret you not because a solution might just be a download away. MY TSA and similar apps gives you information on security protocols and guidelines, with this you can prepare ahead and avoid delays. Heck it can also provide you with wait-time estimates, and information on flight delays.

2. Expensify – Whether you are on a business or leisure trip, it’s always smart to go about it with all expenses monitored and in place. Now Expensify other than being your normal balance sheet or expense tracker is so useful because you can take a photo of your purchase receipt and have it included directly in your expense computation. How cool is that? Now that is something no excel app can do. Expensify is a paid app. If you want something for free you can also try “Trail Wallet”.

3. Google Maps – Direction is one thing that is always in demand but scarce in our travels. It can be deterred by something small like language barrier but effects can be big if you travel itinerary is on a schedule. Google map is a very nifty app and is usually installed by default on typical Android phones. It provides traveller with a comprehensive map that replaces local maps that you have to buy. It can even give you travel directions on different options like car, trains or even walking.

4. FlightTrack – All plane travellers have one thing in common they need to know the status of their flight. This is to avert a lot of trouble but most of all to avoid getting left behind. FlightTrack lets you monitor your flight to be on top of your travel concerns. What kicks ass on this is its user interface which is very interactive and topped with a lot of other features like terminal map and weather conditions which are actually useful to the typical traveller.

5. Viber – Traveling creates distance from the important people in your lives and communication can sometimes be an issue. Viber helps us communicate, stay connected and more. It’s not just a video call app or a chat app but you can also form group chats and send files with it. Best of all when you have an access to free Wi-Fi (in your hotel perhaps) you can do all of this for free. Viber compared to other similar apps is reliable despite the fact that you can download this app for free.

6. Instagram – One of the best things we love to do when travelling is to collect mementos of our journey, and these days we also love to take photos of our food we ate. It’s the experience and memories we make. Instagram helps us document this and store it in a profile. However it does not stop there, Instagram through its updates has spiced things up with great filters and effects that will have the artist in you jump up.

There you go, next time you travel give these apps a shot. It will help you make the experience more fun. We should always be ready and equipped when we go out for a business or leisure trip.

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