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We live on a truly amazing planet. And amazingly, there are still some very remote and exotic places that you can discover and explore. Places of phenomenal beauty, unique cultures that only a very few people have experienced, and wildlife so close that you can smell their breath.

However, unlike earlier explorers, you can do all of this safely and comfortably. Today, explorers who wish to embark on a real outdoor adventure can easily look for adventure tour companies that offer travel packages to rarely visited sites, adventure travel companies that can take you to exotic destinations that were previously inaccessible to most travellers. And that adventure travel company is US!!!

Over these past years, I have had the absolute privilege of making a career out of filming TV documentaries in various destinations with some 300 television documentaries under my belt. Now, I have decided to share these most special journeys in person with like-minded new age explorers like you—people who have a real passion for life.

I am partnering with my very special friend, Everest summiteer Greg Mortimer, to offer these trips through his company, Adventure Associates. Adventure Associates is one of the most trusted adventure travel companies in the world. While traveling with Greg Grainger Adventure Tours and Adventure Associates, you can get up close with our planet as much as you like.

Our planet is rich with stunning destinations and distinctive cultures. As such, new age explorers have a wide range of adventures to choose from. Experience the best that the world has to offer from thrilling expeditions to cultural festivals.

For active travelers, join us at our polar camps, trekking, hiking, kayaking and mountaineering. Stand literally and directly on top of the world at 90 degrees north through our polar expeditions. Climb some of the highest parts of the world through our mountain adventures. Travel through diverse landscape features such as savannahs, tropical rainforests, jagged highlands, and dry lowlands.

For animal lovers and environment enthusiasts, witness first-hand how wildlife thrives in different conditions. See how the local flora and fauna has evolved in remote places and isolated islands.

For travelers interested in meeting new people, immerse yourself in awe-inspiring cultures, and experience authentic local encounters. Observe and even participate in vibrant festivals and religious traditions.

There are endless options to choose from. A new adventure always awaits! Whether you wish to experience new sports, unique wildlife, breathtaking landscapes or exotic cultures, my team and I can help you find a destination that will interest you.

Come and be thrilled, be awed, be absolutely stimulated. Embark on the journey of your lifetime now.

Happy Travels

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Adventure Associates


I’m proud to be offering these very special journeys in association with the acknowledged leaders of adventure travel, Adventure Associates.

Their leader is a very good friend of mine, Greg Mortimer, the first Australian to reach the summit of Mount Everest, back in 1984.

Greg brings that same passion of exploring and discovering to his unique trips, making sure that those who travel with him do so in absolute safety and comfort.

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