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Adventure Travel Packages: The Wish List of a Modern Day Adventurer

Posted June 1, 2015 by in Info Articles

Many travellers these days are adventurers-at-heart, seeking to push the boundaries of adventure, exploration and conservation. Fortunately, there are still many exciting destinations in the world that may entice such a modern day adventurer. From challenging terrains to unfamiliar plants and wild animals, these encounters will exhilarate thrill seekers.

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Exploration of the Lost World in Madagascar

Today, modern adventurers acknowledge and respect the importance of biodiversity conservation. Destinations such as Madagascar are well-suited for modern day adventurers who also wish to push environmental awareness. Fun adventure travel packages that include adventure treks and 4WD rides within the island of Madagascar allow adventurers to take in the distinctive wildlife, such as the lemurs. The enormous distance of Madagascar from other islands has allowed its native plants and animals to evolve in isolation. As such, a whopping 90 percent of its wildlife can be found nowhere else.

Aside from the unique and unspoiled natural habitats in the area, Madagascar also boasts a warm and friendly people who are eager to impart their culture to others. Modern day adventurers embarking on adventure tours on the island will enjoy discovering their music, arts, crafts and food.

Mobile Camping in the Remote Wilderness of Botswana

Ranking among the most exclusive destinations and popular outdoor travel adventures in Africa, Botswana showcases vast natural landscapes, wildlife spectacles and warm local encounters. Interestingly, this landlocked country has more elephants than any other country. Aside from that, there are also African wild dogs, big cats, aquatic antelopes, rhinoceros, and various birds.  Botswana truly is a nature lover’s dream.

Despite being amongst wild animals in this vast safari destination, modern day adventurers may still enjoy comfortable tents at luxury campsites throughout the country.

Travelers and nature enthusiasts may easily plan an expedition in such thrilling destinations through adventure tour companies. Companies such as Greg Grainger Adventure Tours offer safe and worthwhile adventure tours and adventure treks in many remote locations across the entire globe.

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