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Adventure Travel Tours Company Offers Two Upcoming Tours This Year

Posted May 28, 2015 by in Press Releases

Turramurra, New South Wales (May 18, 2015) – Greg Grainger Adventure Tours, a well-known adventure travel tours company offers two upcoming tours two exotic locations this year—Botswana and the Canadian arctic. The Botswana Explorer Expedition is a mobile safari adventure where guests can travel through Botswana’s iconic destinations in sight of breathtaking views and native wildlife. The Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, on the other hand is an adventure camp experience that allows guests to spend time in a lodge to observe beluga whales and engage in many other activities.

The Botswana Explorer Expedition will be available all year round. Only six guests are allowed per safari on this eight-day expedition to make sure that each guest gets a window seat to take in the whole scenery. A dedicated professional guide will accompany guests during the entire itinerary to provide interesting facts about the Botswana landscape. Guests will be spending each night in domed tents where every comfort, from private bathrooms to al fresco bucket showers, will be provided. The last stop on the tour is The Elephant Camp near Victoria Falls where guests can spend time with Wild Horizon elephants.

For guests who want to spend a week in the Canadian Arctic wilderness, the Arctic Watch Lodge offers a unique experience at the Canadian Arctic Wilderness Lodge and world-class beluga whale observations site where over 2000 beluga whales come each year. The 10-day tours will be held in six different batches on the following dates: June 30 – July 9, July 7-16, July 14-23, July 21-30, July 28-August 6, and August 4-13. A maximum of 26 guests are allowed per departure. Aside from beluga whales, guests can also observe other wildlife like polar bears and muskox in their natural habitats. At the lodge, guests can engage in activities like hiking, zodiac cruising, kayaking, and exploring the Arctic tundra in an all-terrain vehicle.

Greg Grainger Adventure Tours is one of the best adventure tour companies that offer a whole unique experience on each adventure. Other exotic locations they travel to Everest, Madagascar, Melanesia, Maria Island, Iceland, Antarctica, Arctic, Galapagos, and Scotland.

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