A Lost World


Immerse in the vibrant culture of Cuba

Persia to Iran

Ancient Persia to Modern Iran

Zanskar, Ladakh & Kashmir

Journey in the Indian Himalaya


The Ancient Heartland


Indian Himalaya Overland


Weddell Sea


Svalbard to Franz Josef Land


In the wake of Darwin


The Sherpa Heartlands

Botswana Explorer Expedition

Discover the most remote and untouched corners of Botswana

Maria Island Walk

Rugged coastline, untouched beaches and striking mountains

Great Barrier Reef

Incredible Underwater World

The Kimberley

Australian Outback Adventure

Botswana Explorer Expedition

Discover the most remote and untouched corners of Botswana


Amazing Safari & Cultural Experiences

Wild Iceland & Scotland

Discover an unearthly beauty

Secrets of Melanesia

Exploring the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Camping with the Emperor Penguins

The Most Fascinating Bird on the Planet

Emperors & Explorers

The Holy Grail of Polar Explorers

Festivals of Bhutan & Treasures of India

The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Arctic Lodge

Adventure and Wildlife

Classic Antarctica Air-Cruise

Fly & Sail Expedition

Our planet is brimming with stunning landscapes and seascapes, and remarkable groups of people. There are endless opportunities for outdoor travel adventures. Here at Greg Grainger Adventure Tours, we offer you the most exhilarating types of adventures at some of the most exciting destinations across the globe.

Emperor Penguin Rookery in the Weddell Sea Antarctica

The Antarctic features gigantic icebergs and frozen mountains. Even more remarkable are the resiliency of the plants and animals surviving in such environment. Camp out with the Emperor Penguins, and personally witness their amazing adaptation to their harsh Antarctic home. The remote coast of the Weddell Sea shelters a fascinating emperor penguin rookery.

Polar Bears at the Arctic

Sitting at the northern-most portion of the planet, the Arctic is home to stunning scenery as well as exciting wildlife such as the polar bears. What an awesome experience!! Watching a polar bear on the hunt!! The polar landscape and seascape also features mazes of ice formations, ridges and crevasses, which travelers can readily explore with the guidance of our expert team.

The Sherpa Heartlands

Best known for its adventure trek routes, the Khumbu offers spectacular views of the Himalayan giants such as the pyramid of Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and Mount Everest.

The Lost World of Madagascar

Aptly dubbed as The Lost World, Madagascar features interesting plants and animals. In fact, over 90 percent of its wildlife can only be found within the island.
Lemurs by the thousand. Fascinating creatures.

Exploring the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Home to expansive coral gardens, abundant marine life and endemic bird life, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu provide great opportunities for cruising, scuba diving, snorkeling and bird watching.

Maria Island Walk Tasmania

Maria Island boasts unspoiled landscapes featuring craggy coastlines, beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, and diverse forest communities. Aside from its natural wonders, Maria Island also features kangaroos, fairy penguins, wallabies, wombats, the rare Cape Barren goose, and many other rare and interesting species.


View Europe’s natural beauty and cultural richness in a different light by visiting Iceland and Scotland. Travelers can get the chance to walk around the deserted villages, period houses, fishing communities, botanical gardens, maritime museums, geysers, waterfalls, hillsides and glaciers within these regions.

Remote Okavango Delta Botswana

Botswana is one of the most worthwhile safari destinations in the African continent. It boasts a colossal population of elephants as well as other rare and wild animals such as lions, leopards, hyenas, rhinos and buffalos.

The Land of the Thunder Dragon

Holding a great number of colorful religious festivals and rituals throughout the year, Bhutan easily exhibits its rich cultural heritage. Until quite recently, only very few have been given the opportunity to observe these entertaining and informative local events. Now, you can!

The Spirit of Ancient Persia in Modern Iran

Travelers within the country can unearth the ancient culture of old Persia as well as experience modern day living in Iran. Its streets brim with historic buildings and monuments, magnificent temples, glorious mosques, exotic bazaars, and most importantly, warm and loving people.

Check out the wide variety of adventure tours at packages that you can avail of, and embark on the peak adventure travel of a lifetime now!