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TRAVEL OZ: New timeslot on Channel 7 and 7TWO

A new year, a new timeslot.

The all-Aussie travel show TRAVEL OZ returns to the Seven Network this weekend, with 2 Queensland episodes.

7TWO is screening Travel Oz for 90-minutes every Sunday from 12-noon, with this week’s episodes featuring the great characters of outback Queensland, and the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays.

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Netflix/Nat Geo Buy Aussie Travel Programs

Australian TV travel production company GraingerTV has just signed a series of contracts that will see all-Aussie  programs being broadcast to tens of millions of viewers world-wide.

Netflix has signed a deal for 10 GraingerTV-made 1-hour programs that will be transmitted to all of its global territories.

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The Whale Whisperer

Grainger TV’s latest production being launched at MIPCOM in Cannes:   

The WHALE WHISPERER documents the inspiring relationship between whale lover VICKI NEVILLE and the humpback whales that come to play and socialise in a unique bay off the coast of Queensland Australia.

Vicki gets us in close for a look at the whale’s big repertoire of social play, from peduncle slapping and spy hopping to phenomenal  breeches, where whales 11 times the size of an elephant launch themselves skywards like a Polaris missile, only to crash back down onto the waves with an enormous splash.

Never before seen behaviours have been documented by a team of 5 cinematographers over the three month whale season in Hervey Bay, all captured in glorious 4K format.

As the cameras follow Vicki, she shows us HEAT RUNS, aggressive fighting between pods of male humpbacks as they fight one another for the attention of a favoured female.

She takes us to Mothers and their new born calves, where the proud female whale teaches her youngster all the behaviours necessary to survive in the wild waters of the Southern Ocean.

And she shows how proud the Mothers are, pushing their new born calves towards Vicki in a symbolic ritual that proves what feelings they have, and how they want to communicate to humans.

The climax of THE WHALE WHISPERER comes under the waves, as Vicki swims ever so close to these majestic beauties.  Stunning close encounters, where extremely inquisitive whales cavort close to Vicki for up to 4 hours at a time.

They are at once highly intelligent, master navigators as they swim between the Antarctic and the tropics every year, and extraordinarily graceful, especially given their massive size.

Whales like you have never seen them before, interacting with professional whale guide Vicki Neville in a 50 minute TV special that will leave viewers in awe.


Acclaimed Documentary Maker to Focus on Hervey Bay Whales

The star power of Hervey Bay’s famous humpback whales has proven impossible to resist for one of Australia’s most distinguished wildlife documentary makers who will showcase the gentle giants to a global audience in a new film.

Fraser Coast Opportunities (FCO) and Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) in partnership with Tasman Venture, announced today that award winning producer and presenter Greg Grainger had been secured to make a 50 minute documentary on the humpbacks of Hervey Bay.

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Nature On Ice

There’s something breathtakingly riveting when you encounter a wild animal in its natural environment… whether you are in the Arctic, Antarctic or Galápagos.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a polar bear in the wild. I’d been travelling for a day along the coast of the stunning archipelago of Svalbard, midway between Norway and the North Pole. We’d encountered big herds of Svalbard reindeer and plenty of seals, but not a single bear. That’s the way it is with genuine wildlife sightings. You go for long periods with nothing. And then just as you think you’ll never see anything, there it is, very much alive and active. It’s a sensation that is always absolutely exhilarating. And certainly in Svalbard, my heart beat faster as we closed the distance between the bear and myself.

My mind was racing. What a magnificent creature with its glistening fur lumbering across the ice. This bear was in the prime of his life, a young male actively hunting for seals. Clambering over ice formations. Leaping onto its hind legs to crash down onto the ice, trying to break through to reach a seal. We observed this bear for an entire day, following its every step. And at day’s end, just as we were preparing to head for our shelter, it emerged from the water blood red. It had made a kill, the seal still thrashing in its mouth. For the next hour we watched it devour its prey. An experience I’ll never forget.

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Destination Middle East: Persia to Iran


Greg Grainger Adventure Tours offers this unique ancient Persia to modern Iran journey that will make the traveller in you learn about the ancient treasures of Persia and understand the Iran of today.

This exploration will take you to a handful of very memorable and culture-rich places such as the Esfahan, which is home of he most majestic collection of buildings in the Islamic world. Included in the list is the ruins of Persepolis, which is considered as world-class heritage. The desert oasis of Garmeh is where you could experience real Iranian hospitality. Marvel at the soaring minarets and blue tiled domes of Yazd. Gaze upon the Blue Mosque and explore the UNESCO-listed Bazaar of Tabriz. We will also travel to Shiraz which is the heartland of Persian culture and one of the most important cities of Islamic history.

This 15-day comprehensive journey will be all the more exciting as participants will stay in comfort and luxury in a 5-star Abassi Hotel in Esfahan. Imagine basking to this unique and mystifying journey as you untangle the country’s secrets and grandeur.

This middle eastern journey will be a very interactive experience as you will have a truly fantastic time walking with the people, visiting their homes, talking to mullahs and hearing from people in the bazaars.

Iran is truly an enchanting city just waiting for you to explore it. Come with us on a tour of a lifetime. Don’t just take a break, have a real adventure!



Two Adventure Tour Destinations in Australia You Wouldn’t Want to Miss



The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Great Wonders of the world, stretching more than 2000 km ​along the north eastern coast of Australia. This marine wonderland is so special it’s listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

As the biggest living structure in the world, the Great Barrier Reef can be enjoyed in a number of ways:    snorkeling, scuba diving, tour​ing​ via Seaplane, helicopter or even ​inside a ​small ​submarine. Having a wonderful experience ​that has you grinning from ear to ear is just part of experience and the adventures that ​are part of this place. Diving​​ below the waves, or just snorkeling at water level,​ you’ll experience a whole new underwater world that is so impressive that it will overwhelm your senses. Millions of different life forms in different habitats will leave you not just educated but in awe. Diverse mollusks and fish inhabit this superbly coloured coral reef.

There are many wonderful ways to launch an adventure on the Great Barrier Reef. It is truly a gift of Mother Nature and one that just should not be missed.​

The Kimberley is Australia’s last frontier.   It is located at the north western part of Australia and one of the earliest places to be settled ​on this continent. The region was named after the 1st Earl of Kimberley, John Wodehouse who served as Secretary of State for the Colonies in the late 1800’s. The Kimberly is home to the most spectacular countryside and rugged lands ​you can ever dream to see. This vast land houses breathtaking beaches, gorges and waterfalls. You will also see unbelievable mountain rock formations ​and ​vast flat lands which are home to thousands of wild animals.

5 million visitors enjoy the Australia’s vast outback every year.  The Kimberley is a haven for outdoor adventures as travellers enjoy it with scenic flights, hiking or trekking and even 4×4 guided tours. For the not so “outdoorsy”, it is good to know that the region is inhabited by some extremely hospitable.

The​ Kimberley can certainly be enjoyed by everybody; whether you want to go camping and spend your holiday under the sky, sun and stars, or relax ​i​n luxurious hotel accommodation. This place is​ another​ destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Check out these 2 awesome tours from Greg Grainger Adventure Tours, departing this August.


Greg Grainger Adventures Offers Three New Adventure Travel Packages

Turramurra, New South Wales (June 19, 2015) – Greg Grainger Adventures offers new adventure travel packages in three different locations. From 2015 to 2016, guests can travel to either the remote Australian outback of The Kimberley, the exotic island of Madagascar, or the Great Barrier Reef. Each tour is a different adventure that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a truly unique outdoor vacation that is sure to be a treat for the daring travellers. Read More



Tourism and Events Queensland have inked a deal with GraingerTV to produce a series of episodes for the all-Aussie TV travel show TRAVEL OZ, featuring Queensland.

Three destinations are to be featured:
Outback Queensland, the Whitsunday Islands and the Sunshine Coast.

Travel Oz producer/presenter Greg Grainger will take 2 cameramen to cover these destinations over the month of June. Read More