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TRAVEL OZ: New timeslot on Channel 7 and 7TWO

A new year, a new timeslot.

The all-Aussie travel show TRAVEL OZ returns to the Seven Network this weekend, with 2 Queensland episodes.

7TWO is screening Travel Oz for 90-minutes every Sunday from 12-noon, with this week’s episodes featuring the great characters of outback Queensland, and the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays.

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4 No-Brainer Tips For Choosing The Right Travel Insurance For Your Adventure Tour

1. It is best to buy your travel insurance directly from the insurance company.

Buying from a 3rd party company or a person has a lot of downside versus buying direct. Biggest of them all is price, as it is almost certain that you will pay more. It will also be hard for you to compare your travel insurance since the packages will surely have their own sales pitch. It will be better for you to do your own comparisons using information directly from insurance companies. Read More