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Team Penguin or Team Polar Bear – Which Would You Rather See?

You can sail every sea the world has to offer. Traverse all the land of the earth just to experience real adventure tours. Go on a trip to Antarctica, where the atmosphere is colder, drier and windier. Or choose to go on top of the world and visit the remotest destination of the Arctic. Described by many as the ultimate travel destinations, Antarctica and Artic have a lot of spectacular views to offer. Read More


Travelling in Your Golden Years

There are a lot of things that any senior citizen can do; may it be a walk in the park, a visit to a museum, or something as simple as physical exercise.  But then there will come a time when they would look for something new and would want something better and more interesting than these usual pastimes. Everyone deserves something adventurous and exciting after all, most especially seniors who all had enough of those hard working years. This time, they would want some real adventures such as sipping a favourite champagne in a glamorous yacht while relaxing and enjoying the majestic scenery. Another real adventure would going on an outdoor adventure and touring remote and rarely visited destinations combined with luxury which provides for the ultimate, unique and exciting, yet comfortable vacation that will live in their memory forever. Read More