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Team Penguin or Team Polar Bear – Which Would You Rather See?

Posted June 3, 2015 by in Greg Grainger Adventures

You can sail every sea the world has to offer. Traverse all the land of the earth just to experience real adventure tours. Go on a trip to Antarctica, where the atmosphere is colder, drier and windier. Or choose to go on top of the world and visit the remotest destination of the Arctic. Described by many as the ultimate travel destinations, Antarctica and Artic have a lot of spectacular views to offer.

Polar bear penguin

If you have travel and haven’t seen colonies with thousands of penguins, then you haven’t seen it all.  You really haven’t been on a real adventure if you haven’t spotted a polar bear manning magnificent icebergs on a quiet afternoon.

Greg Grainger Adventure Tours offer adventure cruise on these 2 most exciting destinations. On November 26, our ship will cruise to the wonderful Weddell Sea in the Antarctic. In this tour, 2 helicopters are used to ferry landing transfers and we provide guests with a close encounter to see colonies of Emperor Penguins up close. If you are a Team Penguin, this will definitely be a fascinating and once in a lifetime trip experience for you.

Another upcoming tour for next year would be the tour to Spitsbergen & Franz Josef Land to see the polar bears in action. This remotest Russian High Arctic Archipelago is home to not just the polar bears but exotic walruses and birds in the wild. Team Polar bear will definitely have an unforgettable experience following in the footsteps of famous Arctic explorers.

No matter which team you are on, Greg Grainger Adventure Tours definitely has something in store for you. Visit now and book your adventure. Don’t just take a break – have a real adventure!

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