Over the past 30 years, I have been on numerous trips with Greg Grainger, who has proved to be a thoroughly congenial, well organised and most interesting companion.

He indeed is in his element in what is best described as Big Nature.

Greg thrives in vast, beautiful and arresting landscapes, and understands  both the solace and the delights of being in pristine wilderness areas. He is also fit as a trout, and enjoys a wide range of adventure pursuits ranging from Himalayan trekking, to sailing, scuba diving, and rock-climbing.

I am hoping to join Greg on one of these stellar wilderness adventure trips, safe in the knowledge that the entire experience will be unforgettable, informative, challenging – in a good way – and also lots of fun!”

Margaret Gee
Literary Agent, keen adventure traveller, and Australia’s first Special Ambassador The Snow Leopard Conservancy.


“I’m passionate about travel… I try to get overseas once a year… and it’s been absolutely wonderful to travel with such a passionate fellow-traveller as Greg Grainger.

Greg’s enthusiasm for wildlife and exotic locations is a delight when travelling and I consider myself lucky to have joined Greg on many trips, both here in Australia and overseas.

It takes a special kind of person to lead these expeditions, and I’m pleased to report that Greg has those wonderfully warm endearing qualities.”

Ken Rosebery
Former Qantas Holidays CEO, former publisher Australian Geographic.

“Thankyou Greg Grainger Adventures. For the past 17 years, I have witnessed the meticulous planning that goes into your expeditions.
Totally professional, very friendly and at a cost that matches other operators to these remote and exotic locations.”

Justin McCoy